Universitat de Valencia

Estudi General de València (UVEG, www.uv.es) was founded in 1499, and is today one of the most outstanding Spanish universities in both national and international rankings (3rd among Spanish universities in indexed scientific production). UVEG has over 3’000 researchers, 92 departments, 20 institutes, and other research units. The University of Valencia is a leading academic organisation at national level, with a remarkable international dimension, which ranks among the top 300 in the world, top 200 in Europe and top 10 in Spain as per ARWU “Shanghai” Ranking (29th August 2019). Regarding scientific production, National Taiwan University Ranking – NTU shows a position of 3 in Spain, 83 in Europe and 207 in the world.

UVEG has participated and is participating in several European projects under the subsequent RTD European Framework Programmes (I to VIII) and other European programmes: Erasmus, Leonardo, Life+, Cost, Third Health Programme, EEA Grants, Daphne III, Creative Europe… acting as several roles (coordinator, contractor, associated contractor, member, host institution…) having experience in the development and management of 519 European and international projects as a whole. The University of Valencia participated in 78 community actions financed under the VII Framework Programme (Coordination and Support Actions, Collaborative Projects, Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions, ERC Advanced and Starting grants, etc.) amounting to 23’844’145 euros, with the role of coordinator in 29 of them. So far we have been awarded with 75 projects under Horizon 2020, with the role of coordinator in 33 of them. Currently, we are taking part in 62 projects under European framework programmes and in 37 projects under several European Programmes other than framework ones, which makes up a total of 99 ongoing community actions.

The research team LabPsiTec-UVEG (www.labpsitec.blog.uv.es) is worldwide pioneer in using ICT solutions for improving health and wellbeing, as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Internet and mobile devices. They have developed several technological applications that have shown innovation and progress in the field of Clinical and Health Psychology, having a significant socio-economic impact. It has also made contributions related to the transfer of knowledge within the framework of research contracts with various public and private companies and foundations. LabPsiTec has participated in European projects from V, VI, VII Framework, and H2020 and research contracts with public and private companies and foundations.

UVEG is leader of work package 5 and participates in work package 3. UVEG studies the psychological variables that play a key role in the inclusion of tactile stimulation in VR, along with the study of the effect in terms of immersion and embodiment that this new feature has to add to the VR field. In addition to this, UVEG is testing the potential improvement that tactile stimulus-enriched VR can offer in the field of psychological interventions.