Tecnalia Serbia Ltd.

Tecnalia Serbia Ltd. is a company based in Belgrade, which operates as abroad branch of Fundacion TECNALIA Research & Innovation with special expertise and excellence in the relevant field of research.
Tecnalia Serbia Ltd. was founded in 2008 to serve as a technology acceleration unit inside the Health Division providing consulting and research and development services in both basic and applied research, offering transference of technology and knowledge, collaboration with enterprises in the application area, including relevant hospitals and rehabilitation clinics, and verification and development of technologies transferred.
Tecnalia Serbia Ltd. has been providing services and expertise in a variety of research projects of TECNALIA, spanning from neurorehabilitation and rehabilitation in general, biomedical instrumentation and assistive devices, to biomaterials and electrochemical sensors. In most of those projects Tecnalia Serbia Ltd. was involved in all the steps of the research process, from the initial idea and preparing of the project proposal, development of electronics and system components, defining the research protocol and preparing experiments, in vitro, in vivo and clinical testing of the system prototypes, data analysis and extraction of relevant results and last, but not the least, dissemination of results.
Tecnalia Serbia Ltd. was exclusively working in projects funded by a private venture capital initiative (FIK) until 2018. Since then it was free to compete for public funding and has gained six grants within the H2020 program, three of which as TECNALIA’s Linked Third Party. In all of these projects Tecnalia Serbia Ltd. leads the research and development efforts in systems for electro-physiological recording and stimulation. The success of the office and the performed research during previous 10 years is also shown by the number of patents and publications, which is 4 and 73, coming from small but highly proficient team.
Staff of Tecnalia Serbia Ltd. comprises two PhDs in Electrical Engineering, two PhD candidates awaiting their dissertation defence and several PhD students.
Tecnalia Serbia Ltd. has active research collaboration with three top Serbian Universities and four relevant hospitals and clinics including Neurology clinic, Rehabilitation clinic, Specialized hospital for orthopaedic prosthetics and Sport rehabilitation clinic.

Tecnalia Serbia Ltd. leads WP2 being in charge of development of novel multi-pad electrodes, and supporting development of stimulation electronics. It leads the development of Dynamic stimulation patterns. Furthermore, it has a significant role in validation of the TACTILITY prototypes in WP7 and contributes to several tasks in other work packages.