Manus Machinae BV

Manus Machinae BV ( is a Dutch company making virtual reality gloves and related software for business to business (B2B) applications in virtual reality and in motion capture animation.
The mission of Manus is making useful data gloves that track a user’s hands in real time and projects virtual hands in any environment. These gloves have been on the market since 2017, and they have been used by clients such as NASA, MIT, Audi, Skoda, ESI and many other leading companies in the virtual reality field.
Applications include virtual training, virtual prototyping and virtual engineering, allowing companies to simulate expensive, complex or dangerous situations virtually and intuitively.
In motion capture animation, the Manus glove can be used for capturing hand motion data, something that otherwise has to be animated by hand. This expensive process can now be replaced by the data-glove from Manus.
Aside from enterprise VR and motion capture animation, there are numerous applications for the Manus gloves in the robotics and medical field, that are part of Manus’s vision for the future.
Manus is now a  fast growing company employing 35 employees.

In TACTILITY, Manus works on developing and supplying the materials of the project. Manus’s knowledge of the data glove market serves as input in formulating a useful solution based on the findings of the project, that can have real world impact.