Past events

27 May 2020 – Webinar “Sensory feedback technologies for prosthetics and extended reality”

In this webinar Thierry Keller and Matija Štrbac from TECNALIA introduced the participants into the world of high density tactile feedback that can be provided by means of a multi-channel electrical stimulation. Results from previous studies, where electrotactile feedback was investigated, were presented in the context of myoelectric prostheses. From these results generalized conclusions were extracted in order to outline how selective sensory stimulation technology paves the way for more general applications like extended reality.

Key conclusions:

  • electrotactile stimulation can become a relatively high-bandwidth information channel;
  • it can present multi-variable information with clever coding schemes;
  • this type of feedback can be used in closed loop by the subject and
  • there is a short term and long term learning effect ensuring improvements in closed loop and use of this feedback channel.

Novel applications of high density electrotactile feedback that TECNALIAis currently investigating in active H2020 projects were presented in order to give an overview of possible interesting use cases for future use of this technology.
The webinar was aimed for developers and companies working on VR/AR/MR, myoelectric, prosthetics, tele robotics and haptics, and wearable health monitors.

11-12 March 2020 – First end-user workshop

The French TACTILITY partner IMMERSION, supported by other members of the project consortium, organized a first end-user workshop in Paris, France, on March 11th and 12th, 2020.

The objective of the event was to get in four two-hour sessions an early feedback from end users on the first prototypes, in particular about their impressions on the perception and “feeling” of such electro-tactile feedback and on its usefulness. Moreover, the event aimed at communicating the project and its progress to the XR community.

More than 100 people from over 50 companies – SMEs and large enterprises from manufacturers, military, aeronautics and space – and 10 public institutions registered to take part in the event. Several journalists from the media took part too.